The Anti-Money Laundering Advisory Board

The Anti-Money Laundering Advisory Board (AML Board) is established under section 49 of POCAMLA. The Board’s mandate under the Act is to advise the Director General of the Financial Reporting Centre (FRC) generally on the performance of his functions and the exercise of his powers under the Act. The Board was officially launched by the Deputy Prime Minister and the then Minister for Finance on 24th June 2011.


Membership of the Board

  1. The Permanent Secretary, Treasury
  2. The Attorney General
  3. The Governor, Central Bank of Kenya
  4. The Inspector General, National Police Service
  5. The Chairman, Kenya Bankers’ Association
  6. The Chief Executive Officer, Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya
  7. The Director General, National Intelligence Service
  8. The Director, Asset Recovery Agency
  9. Two other persons appointed by the Minister from the private sector
  10. The Director General, Financial Reporting Centre (Secretary to the Board)


International Organizations


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