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Welcome to FRC | FRC Kenya

Welcome to FRC Kenya

The Financial Reporting Centre (FRC) is a Kenya Government institution established under the Proceeds of Crime and Anti Money Laundering (Amendment) Act, 2012 with the principal objective of assisting in the identification of the proceeds of crime and the combating of money laundering.


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The Financial Reporting Centre (FRC) (Kenya’s Financial Intelligence Unit) is established by Section 21 of POCAMLA. It is an independent body whose principal objective is to assist in the identification of the proceeds of crime and combating money laundering.

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A reporting institution shall monitor on an ongoing basis all complex, unusual, suspicious, large or other transaction as may be specified in the regulations, whether completed or not, and shall pay attention to all unusual patterns of transactions...

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The requirement to report suspicious transactions, established under Section 44 of the POCAMLA 2009 states that banks, financial institutions, cash dealers or members of relevant professions shall make a report to the FRC on any transaction ...

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